The Subaru Baja: A Craig's List Ad says it all

2006 Subaru Baja Sport                                                                              

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2.5L Flat 4, 4-speed Automatic, All Wheel Drive,

Optional Equipment: Sunroof, CD-player, Lockable Bed Cover, Fold out Bed Extender, Roof Rack, Tire Chains for all 4 wheels

Original Owner. Complete Service History from new, including the Original Window Sticker. Clean CarFax


The Baja was the First Subaru to be designed and built in the U.S.  It was created by lobbing the top off the popular Outback Wagon’s closed cargo area and installing a versatile Pickup Truck bed that can extend to almost 5 feet in length. 

Baja Bed measurments.jpeg

When the Baja hit the scene 15 years ago there hadn’t been a vehicle like it in America in decades - not since the Chevy El Camino, the Ford Ranchero…or the Subaru BRAT.

Unfortunately, there was not enough interest in car-based pickup trucks in the mid 2000s to justify the cost of making a second generation Baja. A total of only 30,000 of them were built from 2003-2006. Semi-interestingly, this particular Baja was one of the last 3 ever sold in the Bay Area.

The Baja has not quite achieved full-on cult status …yet. That said, you cannot drive around in one of these things today and not get a few smiles directed your way.  


“Wow!” you must be saying by now, “Why is this one so cheap?”  Most cars when they get north of 100,000 miles are going to start to show their flaws. With all 2003-2006 Subaru 2.5L engines, it was an issue with the head gaskets. They tend to leak. In this case it’s the left one. The leakage isn’t terrible – only about a quart of oil every 1200 miles or so. A trusted and pricy mechanic in Berkeley quoted me almost $3500 to replace it. That included also replacing the power steering pump and the water pump - which should be done at 150,000 miles anyway. Also, the A/C is out of coolant, and those crappy factory speakers that you would have probably replaced anyway, have crapped out. 


And that is why very nice Bajas are selling for over $8000, and I’m only asking $4150 for this one.

On the up side, the Interior in fantastic condition due to a lifetime of wearing floor mats (included) and a set of cheezy Hawaiian seat covers (not included…thankfully)

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The Body is also in excellent shape, other than the usual bits of paint off the front and rear bumpers.


So, kind of like the rescue dog I adopted last fall; with a good home, and a little medical care, this 2006 Subaru Baja will be a fine companion for many years to come.


Interested parties please call or email Mal Pearson

… for the car, not the dog

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